Tiltan College of Design and Visual Communications, established in 1994 following the market demand for professionals who specialize in many design such as graphic design, interior design, photography, copywriting, Web Design, Web Development, gaming – Design and development of computer games, animation, post-production, design three-dimensional illustration At the same time, the realization that the existing educational institutions do not allow a flexible curriculum framework and updated enough.

The college offers a unique study tracks were built and are being made by those in the field of professional and experienced, these industries advertising, design, interactive and communications.
Students are given a choice of evening courses, golf breakfast or a combined route. The school opened two dates – winter and spring.

Studies in the graphics program opened several times a year.

The clover can get a university degree number of leading academic institutions abroad.

All students learn the basics and approaches designed to bring the student’s initial knowledge level design and full control programs, before referring them to various specialty tracks.

This gives them a real possibility to assess their abilities and explore, in cooperation with the teaching staff and faculty, specialty track that is recommended for them.

  • Realization of studies recognized deposit demobilized soldiers.
  • School curriculum conditioned multi-year adjustment committee / Kofitst copywriting course.
  • Disabled Access.
  • College and her documents recognized by the ministry.
  • College adjacent to the train station “Haifa center – eight”.
  • College students in a professional library service.
  • College cafeteria and Wi-Fi.
  • College print service special prices for students.
  • Several times a year the marathon was held in drawing, painting and photography buff, happening for students and the community of artists and designers.
  • The college provides grants and grants to fund college scholarships for materials and travel grants for those coming from afar.
  • Students attending clover can enjoy college dorm-linked, low cost and in good condition.

For more information: 1800-34-30-30