Lior Leibovitz, Photographer

Works freelance filming and photography Fashion beauty image of hairdressers and ashtrays in Palmyra Siegel’s book, Nava collage, GIGI Afula and more.

Lior graduated with honors from the graphic design course with specialization in photography clover, immediately after school he worked as a graphic designer and photographer at the school house professional makeup Yossi Biton for five years, where he designed Lior product catalogs and advertisements design and modeling in addition to the press and the Internet.

The college was for me a place that manages to be very professional, yet fun and my management team, mainly because he had always been interested in real, leaving the door wide open ahead of the students.

Lior never forget his photography teacher always pushed him forward, without much caring and assumptions, which led him to become an outstanding student and a professional photographer he is today.