Mordi Levi, Graphic Designer

The latest project of Mordi Levy, Tiltan’s graduate , made buzz across the globe, when while preparing for the fourth season of the  masterpieces TV show – “Game Of Thrones” he presented a thrilling projects geting praise and honor in israel and around the world, named Game Of Firms “game between companies”. In this game he used the house sigil of the contending for the crown families as logos of businesses and modern companies.

So house Stark becomes a fashion brand, House Lannister brand sports cars, a Targrian meat restaurant  and more other surprises.

Mordi Levy interviewed to important design magazines and said that from the very first season he noticed the similarity between family houses sigils and modern logos, the declarations of war and .Campaign Slogans and the pursuit of control of the iron throne and the royal race for success in today’s giant companies

But above all, as a designer, Mordi recognized the desire shared by all family houses in the series, to create a separate identity that will differentiate them and lead them towards the long-awaited victory.

Link to the project – Http://