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Course Maya 3-d animation

Maya course If you like drawing and animation and cinema, now have a chance to learn something that connects all things: studies in three-dimensional animation used in the film industry and using that expertise can be combined. Course Maya 3-d animation Maya course is one of the best courses in the field of computer simulation […]

User experience design and graphic design and multimedia

In this article we bring you practical background on the process of design and user experience analysis   The process begins by defining the problem or need that we want to solve. Then, find the solution by analyzing the market in which we operate, competitor analysis, study of psychological laws only after all this process […]

Introduction to working in a recording studio

Introduction to working in a recording studio Song recording – recording analog processes Home – work with MIDI – determine BPM (Beats Per Minute – tapping number translation/beats per minute), set the Tempo (translation: butcher). Authors using the foot how many total clicks in 1 minute song (the simplest count to the number of clicks […]

Studied photography and video production

Learn to shoot with a digital camera The advantages of digital cameras The everyday reality of our lives brings quite a few events and all kinds of reasons: celebrations of birthdays, anniversary's, ally or dinners Pact. Of course, the event objects to perpetuate the same festive occasion worked on him for a long time and […]