Course Maya 3-d animation

Maya course
If you like drawing and animation and cinema, now have a chance to learn something that connects all things: studies in three-dimensional animation used in the film industry and using that expertise can be combined.
Course Maya 3-d animation

Maya course is one of the best courses in the field of computer simulation and many people who enrolled him in order to develop their skills in the field of 3D animation were abducted by the film industry, advertising, medical imaging, and companies engaged in the field of computer games. Most people who register to this course in the past, Photoshop or any other course that has given him the skill to work on graphics software.

The course includes:
Understanding of software-the software and how to install it.
Designing in 3D
Various drawing software in 3D technique
Of design-design of figures in the balance.
Solid geometry
-Sound effects, lighting, sound treks
The creation story, direction and synchronization of all effects.
Final project
Take into account that most colleges and schools that offer computer graphics studies of Maya require compliance with requirements which include: basic computer studies, knowledge of English, knowledge of Photoshop software, portfolio in order to admire the artistic graphics talent. Most courses last six months to a year.

Maya animation class at clover
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Clover College offers Maya and animation course for three years. Conditional admissions in interview and tryouts of final diploma.

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