Animation and Maya

Recommended For: Students with a technical background and a passion for animation, who wish to enrich their knowledge in the field. Admission Terms: Personal interview and compatibility test.

If you can not look up from the screen every time you encounter dragons spitting fire, if you always dreamed of being a princess in the palace comes to heaven, if always intrigued you how to look “behind the scenes” animation, if you imagine yourself living in a world full of fantasy clover invites you to become Fantasy and reality.

Profession requires a design approach and aesthetic studies provide tools for working efficiently and professionally, while practical experience during their studies. Two animation world / Hentai is interactive and in all areas of commercial mail before production requires building simulation animation, so the ability to integrate a variety of areas for adults is widespread.


Animation is an art that includes most of the arts. It includes a drawing and graphics, using elements of film, photography and music, touches of choreography and architecture, uses theater and pantomime, and writing skills and story.

Contemporary animation involves, in addition to all these, advanced technology skills for the purposes of creating a three-dimensional film, editing, post production finishing production, compositing and imaging.


Animation software market leader. For years, Maya is the main tool for efficient production of feature films and animation, and its importance is constantly rising.

Besides, Maya software is used for three-dimensional simulations in the fields of interior, industrial and more.