*European BSc in Design

Tiltan – College of Design and Visual Communication is the first academic institution in Israel to offer a european degree in design

Tiltan- College of Design and Visual Communications has been approved as an academic institution which meets the  standards of the ECTS
To grant a European degree majoring in graphic design ** (Graphic Design), and minor specialization to choose from:

  • Packaging & Exhibition Design
  • Illustration
  • Multimedia
  • Photography

In addition have been submitted for recognition a degree program for design and development of games and applications, and a degree in interior design.

** Degree supervised and approved by EABHES


First Year: learning basic knowledge of topics related to the field of design and art, an introduction to the basics of design and visual communication. In addition, students are given tools for creative thinking, developing artistic skills and knowledge of the world of design and advertising. During the second semester, students will learn the introductions to various areas relating to the design for the selection of specialization in the second year.

Second and third years: professional enrichment for students that includes branding, advertising and marketing while providing tools for creating smart design solutions and up to date. During this period, the student acquires a personal design style leading to a singularity. During these years, in addition to graphic design, integrate school student chose to specialize in the field. Clover emphasizes student training and adapting to market needs. The student will render in front of real customers ranging from the first meeting to the final product and will participate in workshops (WORKSHOP) International.

Graduate students will receive a degree in European design – European Bachelor of Science in Design – EBSc in Design and Annex diploma! Studies grand knowledge in two subjects, a rich  Portfolio vast practical experience and professional support that last after the completion and an optional .continuation to advanced degrees