External Studies

External courses can be taken as individual without integration into multi-year orbit. Some courses give credits for diploma studies and academic undergraduate studies.

Graphics design Software

Graphic design software are the most essential basic tools of the designer.
As part of this course students will study programs as InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.
The curriculum is matching the  progress of the professional world outside campus.
Great emphasis is placed on professional and comprehensive study of studio work programs and software integration with each other, so that graduates can work in advertising agencies, publishing houses and in the design studio.

During the course practice-centered classes are provided outside the regular classes, and the opportunity to practice freely in classrooms throughout the college operating hours.
Final project must be met in order to obtain the certificate.

Study Topics:

  • Knowledge of Macintosh computer and the operating system Mac OS X
  • Graphics design software: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
  • Print perpetration
  • final project,  execution and printing of graphic works
  • Give credit point for long-term studies and academic degree

[The course is also used in the design preparation courses perennial college same time we offer a special course for designers who want to be paid only InDesign and Illustrator software]

Graphic executive – CDT Computer Design Technology

A unique and versatile course which prepre graphics executive  in the fields of design, printing and advertising. This course emphasis on professionalism in working with the world’s leading design software and the graphical Macintosh operating control, combining study the basics of design. Emphasis will be placed on the ability of using graphic design programs and providing basic design solutions.


  • Graphics software: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
  • Basic Design
  • Basics typography
  • Concept design (think graphic)
  • Print preperation
  •  A one year long course
  • Give credit point for long-term studies and academic degree
  • provides an exemption to the preparatory  multi-year design studies

Web Design – IMD Intermedia Master Design

Internet today in found in every company , business, home or office, and as that has more information and more sites, the greater the need for construction of new sites and will include the design of the old sites to be more effective, Mcirtiim special emphasis on web design attractive and exciting.
Golf Design is a comprehensive and professional path, device, and empowers its graduates to perform graphic design software and integrated website builder designed with multimedia and advanced graphics software. The course includes practical multi-practice and multiple practical projects.
The course is modular and can be gradually learning.


  • graphics software:, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
  • Introduction to Web Design.
  • programming languages ​​for building websites (HTML)
  • processing images for the Web
  • Construction and Design
  • Design Interactive Multimedia Internet flash technology
  • graphic projects commercial
  • a one-year
  • Buy NZ The long-term studies and academic degree
  • provides an exemption to the preparatory tracks multi-year design

Marketing Communication

Marketing Communications in Hebrew – is the only link between the client and the professional elements that show the image to the consumer. In communications in today’s multi-channel, need for a professional who can steer and coordinate projects between all the many and varied options. This is the ultimate connection between posting, Marketing and Media and the customer. The course combines design capabilities with management capabilities.
Custom track, and intended for persons who fit into senior management positions in companies and large organizations and those interested in managing their own businesses.
Marketing Communications encompasses a spectrum of knowledge, creativity and originality, professional understanding and familiarity in design, advertising, printing, marketing, advertising channels, media, public relations and psychology.