Packaging and Exhibition Design

Recommended For: Students who wish to expand their knowledge in 3d and packaging design and turn their talents and hobbies into a creative profession. Admission Terms: Personal interview and compatibility test.

Three-dimensional design We will design packaging design commercial space and adapting the graphic and conceptual design use bodies and space.

Packaging Design

We will learn to design structures that allow the product to contain and express a visual concept and / or the necessary information to the packaging function correctly point of sale.

On the packaging stand out on the shelf and draw attention to eye in an environment where there is huge competition of products, colors, materials and shapes crashing off the shelf “Take me! Choose me! I’m the most suitable for you!”

We will combine the three-dimensional design (packaging structure) co-dimensional graphics printed on the package.

Consumer buying, in fact, the packaging or the product – and therefore a very big challenge to sell through an original and sophisticated casing.

Commercial space design

Dynamic and growing area, which includes exhibitions and pavilions, shops, stages and any designated space, in fact, present the product and help the product to be sold.

Commercial space is an important part of campaigns for brands, creating a shopping experience that transfers the company or product concept to the target audience and includes use of technologies and advanced materials greatly.