School of Digital Media

Recommended For: Students who wish to expand their knowledge in digital media and UI design and turn their talents and hobbies into a creative profession. Admission Terms: Personal interview and compatibility test.

We all know the Internet and know how to surf the sites, but most of us do not know how those sites are born. Unlike web programming, web design environment is a skill in presenting content for end users – Web surfers. As part of this course of studies students learn to design Web pages, build entire sites and Internet applications and multimedia.

User Interface Design

A deep understanding of how the built user interface, user experience, characterization and design interface, respectively.

In this course, we will learn how to transfer theoretical concepts to practical exercises, starting from the basic laws of the user interface to complex cognitive processes relating to the transfer of complex operations, marketing concepts and communicating ideas.

Web Development

The purpose of the course is to provide designers with knowledge and tools that will enable them to build their own complex websites. The course begins with the Internet gateway and continues to study design and HTML-based websites, WORDPRESS system to study the final project in which we will build a complete website from characterization to serving the customer.