School of Game Design and Development

Recommended For: Students who wish to expand their knowledge in game design and development and turn their talents and hobbies into a creative profession. Admission Terms: Personal interview and compatibility test.

About the Program

Look Around you: Everyone plays games. Whether it is on your mobile phone, tablet, in your personal computer or competing others in Xbox or PlayStation consoles. The truth is, Gaming is part of our DNA as human beings.

The global game industry is a multi-billions dollars’ business, that already surpassed its fellow movies and music industries, and Tiltan is proud to be the pioneer in a renewing, brave, cutting edge, interesting game design and development 3-year program, the longest in Israel!

During the 3 years of studies, students learn together the various aspects of narrative and game design mechanics, level design and working, as a real studio, on a game design document.

Furthermore, the 3 years’ program is divided into two specialization channels:

  1. DEV – for developers. Our students learn everything from programing 101, object oriented basic and advanced course, C#, Unity game engine (intro, Advanced, Multiplayer, AI), Unreal game engine (Blueprints, Advanced topics, DataTables, Landscapes and Foliage, and more), Monetization, AR /VR with Unity and more.
  2. ART – for artists. This program includes Maya courses, 2d concept and animation, 3d modeling and animation, Characters and Backgrounds, basics of illustration and anatomic.

Both programs work “hands on” on projects, in which they practice real world aspects such as milestones, deadlines, tasks, producing assistant and even learn how to pitch the game to a roleplaying Investor.

Our aim is to connect our students to the game industry, locally & globally and work endlessly to connect and cooperate with schools, universities and colleges worldwide for common benefits.

Our Current graduates already work with various game studios on several platforms, including AR /VR.

Tiltan is the first Academic Training Center for a certified certificate with Unity Technologies. All this in addition to a close and personal relationship with Unity and its events and leadership.

Tiltan is also managing an independent game studio that is physically located inside Tiltan College. The studio comprised out of the top graduates we can gather, working on real projects and games, from mobile to Xbox, to AR / VR projects, locally and globally.

About Tsahi Liberman, Headmaster at Game Design & Development School

Tsahi has been into the gaming industry for over 13 years, creating educational games for children for the grandest global companies in the world, such as Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, BBC, PBS kids, Cartoon Network, Sesame Street, Tabtale, Compedia, and many more.

Tsahi is also part of GameIS core, the Israeli game developer’s association, leading the content for conferences and the international relations between Israel and other gaming industries globally.

Tsahi is currently into creating interactive activities and games for diversity, whether it is women in games, peace through gaming, or educational games for Syrian refugees.

Additionally, Tsahi is the Headmaster for a 3-year long game design and development program,The most profound program in Israel for gaming,  in Tiltan College, Haifa, in Israel and is Head of studio, Funnel Entertainment, developing various projects from Bitcoin / Etherium supported game platform and games, through games for Xbox, mobile, Facebook instant messenger games, and AR VR projects for different verticals.