School of Graphic Design

Recommended For: Students who wish to acquire and enhance their knowledge in graphic design and turn their talents and hobbies into a creative profession. Admission Terms: Personal interview and compatibility test.

We are surrounded on every corner in graphic design solutions.

Every item we use it or to serve us Designed with complex calculations to make us feel or understand the message of the advertiser: trademark, billboard, ad in the paper and packaging on the shelf, online banner or television campaign.

To prepare all this we will have to gain knowledge in the process of design’s impact on a specific target audience psychologically and advertising, we acquire skills and tools for creating software design graphic two-and three-dimensionality and go through the entire process gets pitch of the needs of customers through the production of the final product different media – printed and interactivity.

Graphic design studies deepen and develop the skills and theoretical development of visual expression commercial messages, social and personal, while updating and adapting to market needs and encourage original and creative innovation in the media and the latest platforms.

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