School of Interior Design

Recommended For: Students who wish to expand their knowledge in interior design and turn their talents and hobbies into a creative profession. Admission Terms: Personal interview and compatibility test.

interior design is reflected in almost every type of building: hotels, organizations, schools, hospitals, houses, shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters, airports and more.

A multidisciplinary professionals, which are reflected in the structure solutions, to improve the quality of life in it, draw the eye aesthetically and increase the value of the building.

The process combines research, analysis and integration needs and resources of the customer into the work. At the end of the runway, can mature design of houses, rooms, stores and commercial spaces.

Residential Structure Design

Residential building design studies, we emphasize the suitability The designs occupants of the house, to the changing needs of a family, fashion, materials and work processes.

Public Building Design

Public building design studies will design structures such as shop, office, restaurant and so on. We adapt the solution to the design requirements of the business function.

Drafting and Simulation

Make out the shape and imaging studies provide a variety of tools and options, both theoretical and practical, the ultimate expression of a three-dimensional ideas, ranging from planning, design and level of details to computerized imaging for the purpose of presentation to the customer.