School of Photography

Recommended For: Students who wish to expand their knowledge in photography and turn their talents and hobbies into a creative profession. Admission Terms: Personal interview and compatibility test.

Think of the idea, to see the composition, to prepare the camera …
Adjust the flash … click!

Documentary / Press Photography

When you take a photograph, there is another creative action, your eye must identify composition or emotional expression of those times in your life, and you need to know from intuition when to click the camera. At this point the photographer creative” moment “- if you missed it is gone forever “- Cartier-Bresson

Photojournalism, photography differs from other areas of the right timing, objectivity and narrative.

Revolution, natural disaster or a bird feeding a chick – The purpose of the photojournalist is to move the moment.

In the course will be conducted in space photographs and various news events in the country and a variety of subjects.

Commercial / Studio Photography

The purpose of commercial photography is to sell a product or idea. The process planned in detail and requires strict lighting and styling of the models or products.


Joint projects of design students and photocopy, simulating real work process producing brochures and catalogs image.