Not a Children’s Game

Each of us met with the concept of playing every day; Pun, a political game, board game, game theory, etc., all game and its rules. This year, graduates of ‘clover’ give their personal messages, using tools Mshkiim. A huge variety of topics ranging from games to dealing with addictions (work, gaming, smart phones, etc.), facing your fears, games Match Singles Events (singles), board games topical issues such as race apartment and Games equality translate dealing with financial problems -folitiot burning Israeli society such as mortgage life, political slaughters, class disparity. burning social issues are design for its Hsiiming phenomenon of ‘winners’ victims of sexual assault, bullying, schizophrenia modern, civil marriage, animal abuse, encouraging healthy eating habits and more.

Mali Alon, head graphic design studies:

Phrases and word pairs such as” The Longest Yard, “” Forbidden Games “,” No child’s play and more, are Teaser final project and relies on the power of graphic design as a game in hand. Prose through the game ‘ Nnia social norms, touched the sensibilities and promote accurate, sharp message. theses allow individual students to be exposed to the imagination of the creator, Research in game design concept, developing the ideas and inspirations final display of individuality. “

The exhibition includes 120 students in a variety of areas of expertise; Graphic design, three dimensional packaging design and commercial space, illustration, animation and postproduction, total dimensional design, photography, interior design, design and development of games and applications.

This year, will be devoted to a central space from one exhibition to represent imported at Expo Milano 2015 which shows a clover topic – DESIGN FOR FOOD overall condom edible sandwich, bottle stopper that can be Knot without an opener, an application for mediation between starving, who cooks and left with surplus food and other original designs won praise.

Admission is free.
Activity time:
Sunday to Thursday: 9:00 to 8 p.m.

Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.