User experience design and graphic design and multimedia

In this article we bring you practical background on the process of design and user experience analysis


The process begins by defining the problem or need that we want to solve.

Then, find the solution by analyzing the market in which we operate, competitor analysis, study of psychological laws only after all this process where all these translate to the stage user interface design is the last step in the chain.

OK, so what is the process in practice?

User journey

Based on methodology plan how to build our system correctly so that the user will make the process we want to pass.

Personae (build script for a specific target audience)

A thorough understanding of the potential users, what's with each of our aprsonot, its behavior patterns are the key to building a good user experience. Not built Chancellor interface only one type of user, but a few types, respectively all accurate.

In all this we look at and point out the places where it will be in the personas digital system, and depending on it to do optimization.

The mapping phase: several pages, including pages, right of every frame, depending on the purpose of agdrnutz

Step: what are the elements on the page and where will be placed, what are the interactions between the elements.

With these two steps that begin to create content in a gradual manner (irchiit) and cast him in into the platform we created optimal system know the exact user according to its status of the relevant information, the appropriate button in the size, shape, interact, while building process, so He's ready to move on to the next level.

And after all the design phase a began, this is the last step in the process of designing the interface for the user experience.


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